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Great Anomaly

What dark and brooding soul I see
between earth and sky
this granite ghost does lie

Mysterious, this image etched upon the plate
and burdens born to bear the weight
and strange foreboding shadows move
Across his face, with eyes so deep
Their haunting gaze hypnotize the mind

And one can see the bodies
Laid in rows upon the ground
On bloody fields of battles lost
And battles won

Obsession' grasp takes hold my mind
This vision, great anomaly,I've seen before
I know its lines
And with eraser and charcoal in hand
In great strokes I sweep across
The landscape's cratered,chiseled form

This phantom chiaroscuro dream
grabs and lures me back again
To capture what cannot be seen
and shroud what can

For it's not what I see
I need to find
But what is said
That haunts my mind

Lincolns Road copyright 2008 by Chuck Levitan Gallery